Cats and Halloween

By | October 31, 2016


First of all, Happy Halloween to everyone! This is the card that I sent out to my sister Karla. She always makes a beautiful pen & ink drawing for her Christmas card, but for other holidays throughout the year she has a wicked sense of humor, finding just the right store-bought card to match the occasion. Often it will include a cat, since we are the cat people of the family, and this year was no exception:


Now, the wicked part is how much this, unfortunately, resembles our dear Ziggy, and I know that was no accident:

That’s Egypt in the bag behind him, and I can almost hear this conversation:

Egypt: “Ziggy, where’s the Halloween candy? I know it was in here!”

Ziggy: “What candy? I didn’t see any candy. (Burp.)”

Better luck next year, Egypt!

2 thoughts on “Cats and Halloween

  1. PaperPuff

    Great Halloween card from you. I like how you used lots of colours but still in the theme and mood of the holiday. That card your sister bought is hilarious! Your kitties are beauties, by the way.


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