Here’s Looking At You, Kid!

By | April 4, 2017


The Spring 2017 issue of The Stampers’ Sampler has arrived, and I am happy to share my four sunglasses template cards that were included on the Challenge pages.

My mother loved this one best, for obvious reasons:

Love You Mother

Here’s the original before I sent it in for consideration:

Glasses Template Card - Mother

I actually made these four cards about a year ago; I was surprised by an out-of-the-blue email from the editor asking me and several other regular contributors to submit some ideas using this template. They were looking for a sample card to put with the template in the magazine when issuing the general call for cards. Although my card wasn’t chosen as the sample, I was happy to have a chance to work with this idea ahead of time!

Although my “You Rock!” card was attributed to another card artist, it really is mine, as  you can see in this line up of the original cards:

Glasses Template Cards

And lastly, even though I was not the only card contributor to use this technique of adding a couple of brads to the eyeglass hinge, it was nice to see my card on page 48 highlighted in the “A Closer Look” section:

A Closer Look sunglasses

As always, thanks to Stampington & Company for once again including my artwork in their magazines. I do have a couple of cards to share that were published in the Spring Issue of Take Ten, but my complimentary artist’s copy was lost in the mail! When my replacement copy arrives, I will post those, along with cards by my fellow paper artists Suzanne Delaware and Sherry Pakulski, also in that issue.

Sunglasses Mail Art

5 thoughts on “Here’s Looking At You, Kid!

  1. PaperPuff

    Yay for you! A published artist yet again! I might need you to send me your autograph…. Seriously, the ‘mother’ card is beautiful. Quite different, but so special. I like the play on ‘reflections’ and ‘reflecting’. Very clever!

    1. ValoryDegree Post author

      Thank you, Gillian! I may have to make another “mother” card just like it for my mom for Mother’s Day; she really liked that one. When we send in the cards for consideration we don’t get them back – they are donated to charities.

    1. ValoryDegree Post author

      Thank you, Kathy! We will have Three Degrees in the magazines before you know it!


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