Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

By | April 13, 2015


My husband Reggie and I love baseball, so we took Monday April 6th off from work because it was Opening Day – the first day of baseball season! It didn’t matter that we were watching TV; there were a lot of games on, so we cooked hot dogs and got into the spirit of the day, happy in the knowledge that with 160+ games yet to play, we will have a lot to look forward to this spring, summer and into the fall. This picture of us was taken a couple of years ago at Centennial Field in Burlington, VT, home of the Vermont Lake Monsters, minor league affiliates of our own Oakland A’s.

Not surprisingly, we card makers don’t always stamp bunnies and flowers; sometimes we even turn our talents toward the sports world when the occasion calls for it. Here is a card that my sister-in-law Mindy made for my husband’s birthday a while back:

Mindy Oriole cardOriole card back

She made this especially for him because when he lived back East, his favorite team was the Baltimore Orioles, and that number “8” on the front is for Cal Ripken, their Hall of Fame shortstop. Now that Reggie lives in Northern California, he still wears the black and orange, but it’s just as likely to be for the San Francisco Giants these days (check out the World Series Champions shirt he’s got on in the photo above.)

Yogi Berra Baseball card

Here are a couple of Father’s Day cards that I made for Reggie – there is no stamping on these; I typed the sentiments on the computer, but we papercrafters do whatever we need to make our cards reflect the images that we dream up in our minds.


I have to agree with the immortal words of Humphrey Bogart, “A hot dog at the ball park is better than a steak at the Ritz.” Play ball!

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